The PAF-FPE Project

This is the website of the PAF-FPE project. A Marie-Curie project run by Leonardo Maccari in the period 2011-2014. I do not plan to update this website anymore, If you are interested in this project, you can find a description and a list of achievements in this short Executive Summary. In that pdf I will also update the publication list as the last papers get published.

About Leonardo

I Graduated in Informatical Engeneering in november 2004 at the University of Florence, Italy. My master thesis was focused on authentication protocols for wireless mesh networks. After my graduation I've been working on that topic together with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications in the laboratory lead by IEEE Fellow Prof. Fantacci. With professor Fantacci I've completed my Ph.D. with title Security Protocols for Distributed Networks in 2010, now I'm having a post-doc at the university of Trento in the Networking Lab of DISI department working with Prof. Lo Cigno. My research Interests are security and privacy in distributed networks, I've been involved in several research and industrial projects, take a look at my resume for more details,  publications and patents carrying my name ... You can contact me using this link (if you are a human :-) ) or email me directly using name.surname (At) Other Interests: I'm a guitar player and an copyleft supporter. See my personal blog for extremely witty rants on copyleft and opensource (mostly in italian).