The PAF-FPE Project

This is the website of the PAF-FPE project. A Marie-Curie project run by Leonardo Maccari in the period 2011-2014. I do not plan to update this website anymore, If you are interested in this project, you can find a description and a list of achievements in this short Executive Summary. In that pdf I will also update the publication list as the last papers get published.


Within this project I have/had the chance to cooperate with other researchers, other projects and companies:

  • The CONFINE project. It is a FIRE project that gives researchers the possibility to use real community networks as testbeds. In 2013 our lab isĀ  going to be part of the project so I can use their facilities to test some of the achievements of PAF-FPE
  • The Smart, Ubiquitous Contents (SUC) project from EIT lab in Trento. My lab is involved in a project that will boost the production of some open source products. Since both SUC and PAF-FPE projects share the ground of Ubiquitous networking I can complement the results of PAF-FPE with the useful inputs coming from this project (starting 2013) and apply my results to their field, thus achieving a rich sinergy.
  • I had the chance to cooperate with PHOOPS SRL, a SME from my original city, Florence. One of my ex-collegues is now involved there in the development of the STRESS platform and we have published a poster at Infocom 2013
  • I'm constantly in contact with Pablo Neira, we exchanged two visits and I'm exploiting his expertise in firewalling