The PAF-FPE Project

This is the website of the PAF-FPE project. A Marie-Curie project run by Leonardo Maccari in the period 2011-2014. I do not plan to update this website anymore, If you are interested in this project, you can find a description and a list of achievements in this short Executive Summary. In that pdf I will also update the publication list as the last papers get published.

New publications and cooperations

The latest months have been quite fruitful for the project. We have a poster accepted at Infocom 2013 titled "Re-Breaking Wireless Protected Setup", it is a side-activity of the main project that deals with the analysis of WPS, a quite recent wi-fi authentication protocol that has been broken in late 2011. We extended the attack to new situations and we are going to work on it a little more, in order to see if more versions of the protocols are vulnerable to similar attacks. It is a pity, since it is one of the building blocks of Wi-Fi direct, that is the protocol implmented in Android for building ad-hoc networks. The paper has been realized together with PHOOPS SRL and my ex-collegue Matteo Rosi in the framework of a cooperation between DISI and Phoops. Moreover, a new paper entitled "Betweenness estimation in OLSR-based multi-hop networks for distributed filtering" has been accepted (with minor revision, so far) for publication in the JCSS (IF 1.16) and will be published in the upcoming special issue on Wireless Networks Intrusion. We have a lot of work boiling, so expect more news soon.Finally, next week I'm going to the kick-off meeting of the OSPS project, a project we submitted to the CONFINE open call. CONFINE is a very interesting project that deals with wireless community networks and offers its own testbed to study various aspects of distributed wireless networking. I'm going to port and test there some of the results of PAF-FPE to have a real validation.