The PAF-FPE Project

This is the website of the PAF-FPE project. A Marie-Curie project run by Leonardo Maccari in the period 2011-2014. I do not plan to update this website anymore, If you are interested in this project, you can find a description and a list of achievements in this short Executive Summary. In that pdf I will also update the publication list as the last papers get published.


Disable vectors in Omnet

Omnet++ offers a nice interface to logging data, but very heavy. If you leave on all logging into vectors and scalars you will end up with GB of logfiles and slower simulations. In the documentation it is said that vectors can be disabled, what is not so clear is that the vector-disable feature is not a property of the module but of the vector itself. This means that if you write:

**.vector-recording = false

you disable all the vectors, but if you write

**.radio.vector-recording = false

you're not disabling anything. Instead you need to do


Instruments and simulations

Since one of the goals of this project is to study the generation and distribution of privacy policies in wireless ad-hoc social networks (let's forge another acronym, WAHSN seems ok! :-)) I have to deal with the standard young researcher toolbox, that is a network simulator. For this purpuse and also based on my past experiences I've chosen Omnet++, which I've used in the past. It is a nice open source simulator (but unfortunately not with an open license, academic only) that offers a lot of nice features, such as the integration with Eclipse IDE to generate graphs and analyze results.


What is Pervacy?

It's the compression of "Pervasive Privacy" and is the main focus of this project, bringing privacy into pervasive networks. Such a concept is nothing but easy to describe, since both the terms that it includes are very hard to define. Privacy is a term that has no precise definition. Some  imagine privacy as the right not to disclose private some information, some other as the right to manage private information (even after information has been disclosed), somebody thinks of it as the right not to disclose *any* private information.


Hello world!

This is the blog for the PAF-FPE project, a project that aims at designing and developing algorithms to enforce privacy in future pervasive networks. The blog is much work in progress, I will post updates, results, developments and other interesting findings during this three-years project.

stay tuned!


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